Green Your Office

Working Together for a Greener Office…

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One of the aims of Greenlight is to provide some pointers to green office initiatives both from Kyocera and from other UK and Ireland organisations that can help reduce the environmental impact of your business.

Follow the links below to learn more:

Paper Reduction and Sourcing - Our love affair with the printed page continues.  What can we do to reduce the impact?

Office Products Standards - Find out all about the organisations that can help you ensure you are buying the right products.

Energy Use and Waste Reduction - Discover ways to reduce your waste and energy consumption.

Top Ten Tips - Quick wins for all types of office environmental impact, from company cars to copiers.

Greening Government ICT - find out about government ICT policy and practice

Research and Analysis - Read the latest indeendent research carried out on behalf of Kyocera and other thought leaders to learn more about the commercial aspects of sustainability

Videos - A great medium for communicating complex concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand

Green Marketing - how to avoid greenwash and ensure that your organisation communicates its achivements in a credible and ethical way

Adaptation - We are already experiencing an increase in extreme weather due to climate change - how can your business build resilience?



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